B Class "A special person in my life" Ms Andreopoulou

          by John Papadopoulos B4

A special person in my life is my mum. My mum is tall and pretty, with brown hair and brown eyes.  Her name is Vicky and I love her very much.

She’s hard working because she works a lot of hours not only in her job but also in the house. She’s also ambitious because she wants one day to travel all over the world. She’s kind and funny as well. I love listening to her jokes!

She likes doing many things like cooking, travelling and reading books. She likes sports, too!!! Amazing! She enjoys surprising us and this is what I like the most.  She dislikes singing, watching TV and eating vegetables.   

I think she is the best mother ever because she is kind and lovable. She cares about us and this is what matters. I will always try to help her whenever she needs me because she deserves it.

           By Peter Papaioannou B4

My grandpa is the special person in my life because he is cool. I love him because he’s kind with everybody.

His name is George. He hasn’t got any hair but he’s got a beard. He’s tall and thin with brown eyes. He is the most lovable person I have ever known. He’s cheerful and a very clever man, too.

He likes driving his car and playing board games with me. A strange thing for an old man like him is that he enjoys using his computer.

I chose to write about him because I love him and I would like to be like him when I grow up.