A 1 Superheroes

By Anastasia Baoussi
Hello! My name is Anastasia and my superhero is Ice Woman. She is from Ice Planet and she is very strong.

Ice Woman can throw ice, she can freeze things with her look and she can control ice. She can fly and become invisible. She can also see in the dark and she can go through walls. She is very strong and she has got big iron hairpins. She has got a scarf and a belt that it can also be a whip to hit her enemies. Her suit is blue and very pretty and she has got a mask that hides her face.

On her planet there are a lot of ice superheroes. Her mum and her dad were superheroes at her age. I wish I was a superhero, too.  

by Frangesca Moschaki
My Superhero’s name is Flexible Man. He has got a special suit, a mask, gloves and glasses. He has also got flexible arms and legs. All his body is flexible!

He can  kill all supervillains very fast and easily.

He lives in Flexispace with lots of metals and with a flexible woman, a baby and a dog! He is a very strange superhero!!!

by Peter Papaioannou

Hi, I’m Peter. My imaginary superhero is Moneye Jack. He was the first superhero in the world. He lost his eye in an explosion.

His power is his super speed. He can run faster that his shadow. His worst enemy is the electric man. He is from Europe.

He has got a hat and an eyepatch, his horse and his weapons. In his hideout, he’s got a big collection of guns and other weapons. There are handguns, shot guns, automatic weapons, rocket launchers, machine guns, sniper riffles and more. So it’s a very big collection.

He lives in Chicago, America, but he chases money everywhere. He always helps people when they are in trouble. Jack is an amazing superhero!

by Stamatis Zografos

My favourite superhero is "Bad Boy". He is twenty years old. He is very bad. He has got a snake. His snake's name is "Good Boy". It is ten years old.

He has also got magic weapons. Some of them are the two black masks and the iron glove. He becomes invisible when he puts on the black magic cloak. 

My superhero can fly, he can see in the dark and through walls. He can lift cars because he is very strong. He can listen very well so he knows everything. He can drive fast but he can't swim very fast.
Look! My superhero is saving the world! 

by Marina Prokopiou
Hi! My superhero is "Colours Famous Girl". She can fly, save people, swim and run very fast. She can also listen very well.

I love her because she a superhero and she is a girl. I don't like boys superheroes because they are scary. But girls are happy. I read her books and I have got a big bag with her comics. 

She has got green eyes. She is very tall and she has got long blond hair. She is interesting because she can run very fast, she can be invisible and she can make all the children in the world very happy!!!

by Angelos Sarris
My Superhero is called Super-Robot and he lives in an evil scientist's lab.

He has a lot of super powers. He can fly and he can see in the dark.

He has four arms, he uses automatic guns and throws laser beams. He is very strong and he can also lift cars.

He wears a black mask and a red cape.

His big enemies are the Superevils!!!