Wild West

This is the Eagle on his Fist.

The Eagle on his Fist with his sister The Beauty on her Face.

I hereby attach two pictures depicting the Indian chief of the Cherokee tribe ''The eagle on his fist''. In the second picture he is with his sister ''The beauty on her face'' when they were children. ''The beauty on her face'' and their parents were killed by the Europeans and ''The Eagle on his Fist'' became the chief.

Of course, the names and the whole script are imaginery, but the idea was the simultaneous introduction of vocabulary presented in module 7 and that of Simple Past.

In class, I used the pictures presenting some new vocabulary items like ''tepee'', ''chief'' etc and, at the same time, I introduced the concept of Present and Past by contradicting the two pictures and eliciting from the students phrases like ''The chief has a horse'', ''(In the past)he didn't have a horse''.

So, that's the whole concept which I wanted to share with the rest of the team. If you like it feel free to use it!Bye!

Wild West