I had a dream

Last night I had a really strange dream. In my dream, I was a Shaolin master and there were other Shaolin warriors with me. We were all living in China, in a castle on the peak of a mountain...

Anastasia Baoussi A1

http://daxxbondoc.deviantart.com/art/Mushroom-Fairy-322511556I had a really strange dream last night. I was a fairy and I lived in a mushroom. My dress was magic. There were lots of fairies with me who lived in other mushrooms.

One day, while I was playing "catch the ball" with my pet butterfly next to the big lake, I saw a mermaid swimming around. I jumped in and I became a mermaid, too. I followed her but she started swimming very fast. Now, I was at the bottom of the lake. There was a city full of mermaids. There were cafeterias, shops and restaurants. I swam out of the lake and something weird happened. I became a witch.

Suddenly, a dragon showed up in the village nearby. I went to kill him because it terrified the people and I knew that it was going to destroy the fairy mushrooms and the mermaid city. Unfortunately, mum called me and I woke up! I was really sad because my dream was very interesting.